Fox Urine Squirrel Repellent

Different folks have different ways of getting rid of squirrels in their homes and gardens. Some people use traps while others use poisons. However, there are those who would not choose to do either of the preceding ways because they feel that the mentioned methods are just too cruel to be used.

The best choice is to use fox urine squirrel repellent. These repellents are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. In addition, since fox urine repellents do not kill or harm squirrels, you do not have to worry about breaking any law.

Learn all about fox urine repellent, including how it works and how to use it.

fox urine squirrelHow Fox Urine Repels squirrels

How could fox urine possibly ward off squirrels and other rodents from your area? It might seem impossible but there is actually logic and science behind this method. Squirrels and other fox preys are well aware of the fact that they can easily be the next meal when foxes are around. As a result, when a person sprays or scatters granules and powder of fox urine in a particular spot, squirrels will smell their predator’s scent and think that their predators are hiding nearby and ready to pounce on them. This would cause them to hurriedly scamper off to preserve their dear lives.

How to Use it

There are various ways to use fox urine repellents. These may vary according to the form of fox urine repellent that is used and the squirrel-related problem that is being solved.

Problem 1: Burrows and Tunnels in the Garden
Sprinkle or spray fox urine in the holes and tunnels. Poking holes (2-3 inches deep after every three feet) along each tunnel and sprinkling urine powder in the poked holes is highly recommended. Remember to cover holes that have urine powder or granules with soil.

For your vegetable or flower patch, spray or sprinkle the repellent no closer than a foot from it. You can also sprinkle some granules or powder fox urine squirrel repellent on your plants. The repellent will cause the plants no harm at all.

Problem 2: Indoors
Do your best to locate all entry points and generously spray or sprinkle fox urine repellent on them. It is also a good idea to put some powder on a plate and leave the plate in the treated room. Normally these problem areas will be attics, garages, basements, chimneys, and in-between walls.

Problem 3: Around Buildings
Spray or sprinkle fox urine repellent around the building. Take special attention to cracks and holes, as these will be common entry points.

Fox Urine Products (granules or spray)

Fox urine repellents come in two forms. It can be in liquid form and is applied by spraying the urine in the target area. It can also be in solid (granules and powders) form and is applied by sprinkling or scattering the fox urine.

squirrel fox urine repellent granules

squirrel repellent fox urine spray

Although both forms are safe for the environment and easy to use, there is a stronger preference to granules and powders than sprays. These are the major reasons:

  • Sprays create more mess than granules and powders.
  • Granules have stronger odor and longer staying power than sprays.
  • Sprays are easily washed away by rain.

Whichever form of fox urine repellent you choose to use, please take extra effort to keep the repellent away from children’s reach.

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