Getting Rid of Squirrels

If you have a a squirrel problem you need to take care of it right away. Otherwise you are a risk for home damage, garden damage, and you are more at risk for diseases and fires.

There are quite a few different options you have to get rid of squirrels. Here we will go over some of the most effective techniques. Some of these methods are repellent granules, ultrasonic repellers, moth balls, bird feeders, and traps.


The best squirrel repellent granules will be made of fox urine. These naturally repels squirrels and other rodents away from the area. You can also use a homemade pepper mix to repel animals. Mix some vegetable oil, vinegar and cayenne pepperĀ and mix them thoroughly and allow it to sit overnight. This mixture can be sprayed in areas that are frequented by the squirrels.

Electronic Repellent

Using electronic squirrel repellent is another great way to keep squirrels and other pests away. These emit a pitched frequency that people and pets cannot hear, but rodents and insects do. You can find ultrasonic repellents for indoor and outdoor use. Some people claim these devices do not work, while others swear by their effectiveness.

Special Bird Feeders

If you have bird feeders in your garden and squirrels are troubling you, you can make use of spinning bird feeder to scare squirrels. Their vigorous spin will immediately scare them away when they will jump inside the feeders to get the bird feed.

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If there are squirrels inside your house, you can use live trapping for removing them. These trappings are important for making your house squirrel proof. You can even take the help of professionals because many owners know of way to traps squirrels, but are not aware of way to prevent them from returning back again.

Scarecrow Sprinklers

There are motion activated sprinklers available that will keep squirrels and other animals away from your yard. As soon as the sprinkler detects movement, they will turn on and spray the area. This scares away animals.

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Moth Balls

Moth balls can help you in getting rid of squirrels. They can also be placed in attic. However, while using moth balls, you should place them cautiously at places that are away from the air vents and out of reach of the children.

Home Repairs

To prevent squirrels from entering the house, you should use an animal proof chimney cover. In case there are some rotted areas, then a metal sheet is the best option over the wood. Keep your yard clean and store all edible material in a proper way. Garbage should be stored in garbage containers instead of bags.

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