How to Get Rid of Squirrels in the Garden

Are you sick and tired of trying to get rid of those cute-looking but pesky squirrels in your garden? Before you finally decide to wave the white flag and surrender your beloved garden to those small to medium sized rodents, please continue reading this article.

The best way to solve your squirrel infestation in the garden problem is to gain a full understanding of their behavior. Why are they in your garden? What destruction can they cause you? How do you get rid of them? Once you find the answers to the preceding questions, you can confidently say that you are on your way to effectively freeing yourself of a squirrel in the garden problem.

how to get rid of squirrels in the gardenWhy do Squirrels go into Gardens?

So why do squirrels go into gardens? The truth of the matter is that squirrels burrow some holes in your lawn for survival. They do it because of their need to find things to eat. Things like flowers and barks of trees, nuts and berries, as well as leaves and seeds. Like ants they try to collect these foods so they would have something to eat and save for winter.

What Damage do Squirrels Cause in Gardens?

Do squirrels really ruin people’s properties? Unfortunately, yes they do. For one, squirrels can ruin a person’s garden when they tunnel holes and dig up bulbs in the garden. Another is they can get into the walls of people’s homes and munch on their home’s wiring and hoses.

Squirrels can also harm your pets. Oftentimes, they host ticks and fleas that can easily hop off them and land in your lawn. When your beloved Lassie and Max play on your lawn, these parasites can then hop onto them.

Possums can actually cause the same damage as squirrels. The same goes for raccoons. You therefore have to be certain that the squirrels are the real culprits.

Squirrels are active during daytime whilst the other two suspects are active during nighttime. Thus, if you notice that the damage occurred during nighttime, you can be sure that the squirrels are innocent of the crime.

Methods to Get Rid of Squirrels in the Garden

The best thing to do when it comes to squirrel problems is to prevent them from entering your garden. You can do this by clearing your garden of any trace of food. You should also be installing a fence around your patch. If these don’t work then you can try the following:

1. Spray repellent and Granules

Fox urine is an example of spray repellent. You can buy fox urine and spray it around your garden’s perimeter. The scent of the urine will discourage the squirrels from treading into your garden since they would think that it is inhabited by a fox who would want them for dinner.

2. Ultrasonic repellent

Some people use a device that emits an ultrasonic frequency sound. The sound emitted will scare the squirrels away.

3. Traps and Poison

You can get rid of squirrels by setting up traps. You can also lace your trap bait with poison to kill the trapped squirrel. Squirrel traps and poison are sold in garden shops.

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4. Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

If you have bird feeders in your backyard or garden, you probably know that squirrels can sometimes get into these and cause a mess. Getting a squirrel-proof bird feeder is a great to keep squirrels out of the areas that you set up specifically for birds.

5. Homemade Squirrel Repellent

b. Some people choose to concoct their own spray repellent. One recipe would require you to mix a tablespoonful of hot sauce, a quarter teaspoon of hot pepper, a capful of oil soap, and 20 oz of water in a spray bottle. Once the mixture is shaken well, it is ready for use. An alternative used by some people is to sprinkle hot pepper powder or flakes around their garden to drive squirrels away from their patch.

6. Motion Activated Sprinklers

There are motion activated scarecrow sprinklers that work well for scaring away squirrels and other garden pests. This is a great, chemical free way to keep squirrels off your property and out of your garden.

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